Weeds are not a separate species of plants; they are plants that are undesirable in a given context.  A plant intentionally grown in one context can be called a weed in a different context.

Some of the reason why weed control needs to be done are mentioned below :

  1. Competition: Weeds compete with the intentionally grown plants for sunlight water and nutrients. Some weeds absorb nutrients and water etc. faster than the crop or ornamental plant, resulting in loss of yield or plants that look dull and less beautiful.
  2. They rob the beauty of gardens and other ornamental settings
  3. Some weeds are known to harbor pests and diseases that spread to other plants in the area.

Various factors such as type of weed, nature of main crop/ ornamental plants, type of soil, period of the year, size of affected area etc. need to be considered before implementing a weed control strategy.

We conduct wee control activities for homes, industries and agricultural farms. Following are some of the weed control techniques that can benefit you.

  1. Mechanical control
  2. Chemcial / Herbicide
  3. Thermal control
  4. Biological control

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