Termite – one pest that gets voted as the most destructive pest unanimously. Damage caused by termites is calculated to be more than that of storms, floods and earthquakes combined.  Structures are known to have collapsed because of termite infestation.

Anti-termite treatment: There are two types of anti-termite treatment and Yamraja.com provides both these services.

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment / pre-construction termite control.

This anti-termite treatment is done before and during construction activity. Typical treatment method includes spraying termiticide chemicals in specific dilutions in and around the construction site. Drenching the soil around plinth to certain depths with termite treatment emulsion is another method. Apart from the traditional treatment methods, Yamraja.com has at its disposal the patented “ITEM Secure” – Integrated Termite Exclusion Method. This method offers a system guarantee of 50 years, wherein the termiticide is applied once in three years or so through the pre-laid pipes..  Your structure remains free of termite infestation for a long period of time

Post-construction anti-termite treatment / post construction termite control.

This treatment is done after construction activities are complete. Usually this activity involved drilling the floor at pre-specified distances and then applying the termiticide solution through these holes. Specialised drilling equipments and experienced operators ensure the floors are not damaged .

Incorporating ITEM Secure during pre-construction stage ensured that the infrastructure for termite control is laid beneath your floor. This eliminates the requirement of drilling for anti-termite treatment at a later stage.

Following services are available with Yamraja.com

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment

Post Construction termite control

Termite infestation detection / termite detection

Yamraja.com has the infrastructure and skilled manpower to ensure that your termite control requirements are efficiently handled.

More about termites…..

Termites can be classified into four main categories based on their habitat, structure and other criterion

Dampwood Termites

Drywood Termites

Formosan Termites

Subterranean Termites

Termites are insects with the highest level of sociality. Similar to those of most social insects, termite colonies too have a queen (sometimes more than one) which lays around 25000 eggs per day. Termite infestation is generally noticed once the damage is done. There are some indications which can point to termite infestation and help you prevent damage if identified at an early stage.

Shelter tubes : Due to their vulnerability to atmospheric changes and predators, termites (usually sub terranean) tend to construct dirt tubes covering the path they use to travel. These dirt tubes are a positive indication of termite presence

Termite pellets : fecal pellets are normally pushed out through holes in the timber and this is a sure shot sign of termite presence.

Shed wings: soon after reaching an acceptable new site, the swarms shed their wings. Presence of shed wings can indicate arrival of termites.

Periodical detection surveys by a termite control operator can help in identifying termite presence and avoid damage in the long run.