Malaria, Dengue, Filaria, yellow fever, chikungunya are all deadly diseases spread by this pest – Mosquito. In spite of control measures and large scale campaigns to spread awareness on preventing mosquito infestation near home and other establishments, it has become almost impossible to avoid exposure to these pests.

Stagnant water, even in small amounts, act as catalysts for their breeding, thus making it possible for them to spread very fast. Because of their blood feeding habits, these pests transfer the disease causing parasites to humans, while they (Mosquitoes) remain immune from these infections.

Do it yourself mosquito check solutions like coils, vaporizers etc. provide short term solutions and these too are sometimes ineffective.

Rely on the services of a professional pest control company like to rid your premise of this deadly pest.

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More about Mosquitoes and mosquito control.

Mosquitoes have existed for millions of years and have adapted to survive in almost all conditions. They are found across the globe except in the cold Antarctica. Like other flies, Mosquitoes go through four distinct phases in their life cycle – egg, larvae, pupa and adult. While most of the species lay their eggs on the surface of stagnant water, there are some that lay their eggs on aquatic plants or near the edge of water bodies. However the presence of water(stagnant) is necessary for their development. This factor provides an easy approach to mosquito control. Remove all stagnant water in and around your premises and you have removed the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. However this provides a little bit of problem because these creatures are highly adapted and species can lay eggs even in water contained in cupped leaves.

Mosquito control or removing mosquito infestation usually involves the following

Eliminate breeding places: observe surroundings and eliminate breeding sources. Covering open sewerages, drainages; change nature of water to change surface tension, salinity etc; filling, leveling etc; remove broken pots, tins, bottles, aquatic plants etc.

Trapping and natural predation : Mosquitoes have many natural enemies (predators). Strategic introduction or use of natural predators can help in controlling existing misquote population in an area. Trapping and killing these pests also another step.

Barring entry : Mosquito nets, securing windows and other entry points with screens help to keep these pesky pests out of your premises.