Rats have been mentioned as pests with devastating consequence throughout history. The historic plague during the middle ages or the recent plague that ravaged Surat in Gujarat are both examples of the destruction caused by these rodents. Rats are by far pests that cause most damage. Their impact is manifold – diseases, damage to structures, damage to crops, food contamination to name a few.

Along with being agile and flexible to reach the most inaccessible places, rats and mice also possess a fair degree of intelligence making it difficult to trap and/or exterminate them.

There are different methods available for rat control and other rodent control today and a proper strategy for rat control / rodent management has to be developed based on the type of establishment. 

Some of the rat control methodologies include; trapping, baiting, using glue boards etc. At Yamraja.com, we do a thorough survey of the premises to ascertain the type of rat, methodology to be used and so on. Our trained and experienced technicians will help you get rid of these rodents. Please contact Yamraja.com for rat free home/office. Knowing about the biology and habits of different types of rats can help you prevent future rodent infestations, our technician will also provide you guidelines to prevent future rat infestations.

How to find out whether you are under attack from rats

Rat droppings: the typical shape of dropping can help you identify the type of rat/mice. Look for droppings near food sources and places near where you think rats or mice could hide.

Chewed cables: rats and mice have the habit of gnawing and very often gnaw through cable and other similar material.

Shredded paper / cloth: soft material like paper  and cloth also end being shred due to the gnawing habits.

Squeaking sounds: listen for tell tale sounds like squeaking sound etc… 

Damaged containers and other packaging: attempting to reach stored food, these rodents often chew through plastic containers and other package material