Snakes are by far, the most misunderstood animals on the earth. Many people are terrified by just the sight of a snake, in reality the snake would be equally terrified ….if not more.

Whatever be the reason- superstition associated with snakes, fact that some snakes are poisonous, slithering movement that creates fear; or any other, snakes are never welcome at any home or other human establishment. The very mention of a snake strikes terror in the minds of most people. Family members refuse to sleep in the house till the snake is removed, employees refuse to get back to work till the snake is caught; in-short the normal course is thrown out of gear resulting in discomfort, concerns of human safety, loss of revenue and so on.

Majority of snakes are non-poisonous, however never proceed to handle a snake threat on your own since you might not have the necessary information to classify the snake as poisonous or non-poisonous. Various tools are required to capture a snake and to release it into the wild. Hence call a professional snake control service operator like Yamraja.com as soon as you detect the presence of a snake in your premises. Our technicians are trained and skilled to identify, capture and release the snake in the wild. Click here to avail the professional snake control services of Yamraja.com

We also undertake preventive services to reduce or avoid chances of snakes entering your premises in future.


Some tips to manage incident of “snake spotted”

Avoid sudden movements and evacuate the immediate surrounding area: Snakes often strike in self defense. Sudden movement or people running might agitate the snake, resulting in unintentional movement towards people. This in turn creates panic in people, further complicating the situation.

If you suspect the snake to be in a room, do not enter without lighting the room properly. Still do not block the door way with your body:  you could be blocking its only way of exit forcing it to act in self defense.

If the snake enters a closed area like a room, box etc, close the door or any other exit points and wait for professional help to arrive.

Never attempt to catch the snake yourself, unless you are trained to do it. Better, leave the snake alone, and contact Yamraja.com for professional help.