Lizards are considered pests even when they actually are not harmful as other pests like rats and mosquitoes. While lizards are not responsible for any disease most of the times, these creepy cold blooded reptiles can be a menace for kids and adults who are afraid of them. House lizards, especially, are found everywhere in India. There are some houses and areas that are infested with lizards. This becomes a nuisance for people. Sometime lizards are even considered a bad omen in Indian homes. Because of their creepy and slimy nature lizards are feared or hated by most of the people.

House lizards mainly live in the holes and ventilators of the buildings. They generally come out at night and feed mostly on insects. Lizards feed on almost all types of insects and thus they can live anywhere feeding on any insect they can find. People try different methods to ward off these harmless pests. Lizard droppings can however pose a threat to humans if those are touched. Lizard eggs are also harmful. People who have small children needs to keep their home clean from the lizard droppings and eggs, as children would unknowingly pick them up. Lizard droppings and eggs can stick to clothes, garments and carpets which can be harmful and unhygienic.

People use various homemade methods to ward of lizards. However, all these methods and techniques prove to be temporary ways. Lizards come back after sometime. Since lizards are slimy creatures, they can enter through cracks of windows and doors or any other holes in the house. Some people seal these cracks to stop the lizards from entering. But this is not a full proof method. Lizards do find their way after a few days. People sometimes use glue traps and even peacock feathers to ward of these slimy pests. Although these methods may work for some time, none of these methods are permanent.

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