Bees, Honey bees and Wasps

Honey Bees are known to be beneficial insects that help in pollination and in preserving the eco-system. According to a study more than 1,00,000 plant varieties depend on bees for pollination, however, their sting can be real nasty and in some rare cases even result in death.

A honey bee sting is very painful but not considered lethal in case of a single sting, though all instances of bee sting requires medical attention. Multiple stings which increase the amount of venom in the body is noted to be lethal to children as well as grown- ups. Presence of a bee-hive near human establishments hence needs serious attention. Unintentional disturbance to the bee hive agitate the bees and they fly about in groups in swarms, thus increasing chances of multiple bee stings to humans and pets.

Bee control, wasp control, honey bee hive removal etc are speicalised activities and should never be taken up on your own.  Rely on professional services from for all bee and wasp related problems.

Our services for bee control include

Identification: There are various types of bees, further sometimes wasps are mistaken for bees and vice-versa. Proper identification of the insect is very essential so that appropriate control strategies and hive removal methods can be used.

Disinfestations: Complete bee disinfestations, honey bee disinfestations and wasp disinfestations so as to remove the pests and to minimize chances of infestation in the future

 Honey bee hive removal: any bee control activity in incomplete unless the bee hive is removed. Rely on our experienced technicians for complete removal of bee hives.

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