Widespread destruction of natural habitat has resulted in many species of birds and animals migrating to urban areas. The most visible sign is that of Pigeons. Pigeons are beautiful and peaceful birds that add color and attraction to the otherwise mundane urbane settings. However, these beautiful birds become a nuisance because of their perching habits, droppings and also because of the disease causing parasites spread by them.

While Pigeons are a welcome sight at gardens and public parks, they damage the aesthetics of houses and office building through droppings. Pigeons also cause damage in factories and industries. Accidents, resulting in death, have also been reported to have been caused by Pigeons.

The major damage caused is by the highly acidic nature of Pigeon dropping which acts as a corrosive. Over a period of time pigeon droppings corrode iron and steel structures. Unattended Pigeon infestation and associated damage may cause roofs to collapse. Permanently stained marble floorings, dirty walls, dirty foyers, slippery floors are all results of this bird infestation.

The fact that Pigeons are known to spread disease causing parasites is another reason why we need to keep these birds away from our residential and commercial establishments. Pigeons spread bacteria, protozoa, fleas, worms and also other airborne disease causing organisms. Aspergillosis, histoplasmosis, Listeriosis, Salmonellosis. Schistosomiasis are all examples of diseases caused by these organisms. These diseases vary from mild to severe to fatal in nature

Bird Control and specifically pigeon control is a professional approach to remove Pigeon infestation and to avoid or prevent infestation in future. Yamraja.com provides customized pigeon control / bird control services that are specifically suited to different locations such as homes, offices, restaurants, factories, agricultural fields and so on. We understand that pigeons and other birds are an important part of the eco-system; hence, we ensure that the birds are not harmed as a result of our bird control activities.  Out control measure are designed to remove bird infestation from your premises by making their regular perching/roosting places unapproachable and uncomfortable for them. This merely forces the birds to look at alternative perching places and do not harm the birds in any manner.