Annual Maintenance Contract

Yamraja has become a renowned name for any types of pest control. This Gujarat based company in India provides pest control services that are effective, efficient, cost effective and long lasting. Yamraja provides service for mosquito control, pigeon control, snake control, rodent control, reptiles control, cockroach control, weed control, lizard control, ant control, fogging operation and termite control with ITEM Secure. Yamraja provides annual maintenance contract for all their services. Apart from their regular services of controlling pests the annual maintenance contract includes prophylactic treatment, honey beehive, general disinfestations and container fumigation.

The annual maintenance contract from Yamraja is comprehensive that includes check up at regular intervals and treatment if required. However, some pest control services do not require annual maintenance since Yamraja can eradicate them on a permanent basis. It is not mandatory to take up an annual maintenance contract for the pest control services. However an AMC keeps your affected place clean of any pests and gives you the peace of mind.


Yamraja has been working with various multinational corporations and business houses and the company has been serving various big and small organizations with their innovative and unique pest control measures. Yamraja has annual maintenance contract with all the business houses they work with. The Yamraja team visits their AMC client’s offices at regular intervals for treatments and checkups. The annual maintenance contract with Yamraja comes in as a cost effective measure for the companies.





Yamraja offers services to various industries and factories. They have various AMC packages especially designed for the large scale as well as small scale industries. Industrial AMC contracts are comprehensive and Yamraja supply inspectors on a regular basis for checkups.