About Us

Say goodbye to infestation – surroundings that are free from all kinds of vermin, pests, insects, rodents and even annoying birds, pigeons in particular. These are all unwanted and bothersome elements that defile a residential or commercial environment and also spread disease and infection. Removal of pest infestation is not always an easy task and cannot be controlled by simple home-grown methods alone. The problem needs to be completely eradicated and after-treatment maintenance is extremely important so that the pests do not return to that area and are not allowed to breed and multiply again.

Yamraja is a top level Pest Control Service provider in India. It is a brand under the roof of the renowned business Yamraja, which boasts of such clients like Godrej, General Electric (GE), ONGC, DuPont, Indian Oil, Videocon, Asian Paints, Essar, Mazda, Apollo Tyres and many more.

Yamraja deals with all kinds of infestations in the home, commercial, industrial or agricultural environment. We provide extremely effective and long lasting solutions to your pest problems. Our key focus is customer satisfaction through complete eradication and the guarantee of a clean and hygienic environment for a long time. We have the solutions for a vast variety of infestations and provide a quick and attentive response to the client’s call for our services.

Yamraja’s services include:-

  • Pest Control
  • Termite Control
  • Reptiles Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Lizard Control
  • Ant Control
  • Snake Control
  • Fogging Operation
  • Weed Control
  • Prophylactic Treatment
  • Honey Beehive
  • Bird Control
  • Supply of Insectocutor
  • General Disinfestations
  • Container Fumigation
  • Pallet Fumigation

Yamraja takes care of a wide variety of pest infestations like mosquitoes, reptiles, cockroaches, rodents, lizards, ants, snakes, bees, termites, etc. To control termites, the innovative method of Item Secure is utilized. Pesticide is pump through a network of pipes and valves with the help of a dripper. It is an eco friendly way of “medicating” the soil to prevent the invasion or breeding of termites.

Rodents include squirrels, mice, rats, porcupines, beavers, chipmunks and guinea pigs. They can dirty the environment and also cause health hazards as well as extensive damage to property. They nibble through wires, cables and wood work and make the equipment and structures fragile. Yamraja deals with your rodent problems and completely removes all traces of infestation from your property and surrounding areas.Pigeons are lovely birds can become a menace as they grow in numbers and overpopulate your surroundings. They are loud and dirty up the place with their droppings which can spread various highly infectious diseases. Yamraja uses an excellent, humane approach by the way of Pigeono to control birds. This is a spike unit that is made of a material that does not harm the birds. It merely discourages them from resting, nesting or defecating on any surface where it is applied.With Yamraja you can forget your infestation problems. We ring the death knell for all kinds of pests that create a nuisance in your environment.